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progressive agenda. we will expose it tonight. >> merry christmas charlie brown. hark the geraldo angels sing. >> bill: does not want to see a christmas play starring charlie brown. >> everything i do turns into a disaster. >> bill: that's how crazy things are getting. >> complims of momma's lunches. >> you boys are going to take a long lunch today. >> bill: return of the great american news quiz tonight bad parents edition. >> hey, you can't do that. >> the hell i can't. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. war on christmas the big picture. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo movement whenever the far left viciously attacks you know you are on to something. every year when we report secular progressive assaults on the tradition of christmas, the crazy left loans begin i have tri ole lick campaign to diminish me and this program. there is a reason why they are doing that. it has nothing to do with santa claus. let's take it step-by-step. no one tells you a person could possibly see a secular display of christmas as impo
ratio except if you go to brown university. now, this has never happened to me before. every one i spoke to at brown was pro-holiday tree. everyone i stopped. one person was actually a soltis sill brart. >> bill: that's because of the admissions policy of brown. do you believe in christmas? yes they don't let you in. >> you check a box. >> bill: unbelievable. >> the governor is in a precarious situation. this is the tip of the iceberg here. he was in france when the whole controversy went down. >> bill: france? >> the state's economy is third in the country in terms of worse performing. and he just unveiled a proposal to give driver's license to illegal aliens. this guy has been inundated. there is a major backlash here and now he declares this war on christmas. he is in a lot of trouble. the folks though in rhode island outside of brown, they want it to be the christmas tree, right? >> of course they do. >> bill: okay. >> he they are not really that angry. it's a bizarre -- it's so out of the mainstream they kind of think chafee has kind of lost it. >> bill: all right. well rhode island
, republic. this obsession with welling the ticket has to be all white or all black or brown, white, i just think it's silly. you are nodding your head. you want a color coded ticket. >> no. you are talking about racial bean counting. you are way way lost on this one. i don't get it you are so smart. look at the numbers of what came out tuesday and it looks like huge victory among whites for romney but loses the election. he had a plus 27 advantage among white men. still couldn't put him in the oval office. if you are thinking of it strategically and you want republicans to win. you have to be more inclusive and especially with the rapidly emerging latino population. >> do you think considers could have beaten barack obama? >> i don't know that she could have beaten him. she is closely identified with the bush administration. you were just pointing out they left some baggage on the table. >> the bush administration? sounded like president bush, they are very nice people. it's not personal. i just think the policies ended up confusing people about the republic party. right? they thought the
daily beast website. you should watch it. if you don't, you like chris brown. or you are a communist. >> fair enough. back to you. >> thank you, andy. special thanks to imogen, bill schulz, michael and jonathon hunt. that does it for me. see you next time. he is. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> ♪ the stars at night ♪ are big and bright ♪ deep in the heart of texas ♪ i wish they all could be california girls ♪ >> bill: a tale of two americans. texas and california. which is the better place to live and why? what is the vast difference between the two most populated states about america say? >> does do your parents ask you for money when you go back home? >> yes. >> does that ever work? >> i think it does work. >> you can't give people money and help them. >> tim allen criticizing the obama administration. is that a smart thing to do career-wise? adam corolla will have some thoughts. >> what's nascar all about? >> sunshine, palm trees everywhere. perfect place for a championship. >> watters world goes to the big nascar championship. >> do you guys
brown skin, better yet. so they see the palestinians as the underdog and israel as the oppressors, a lot of the far left, and that's why we get stories about uncle mahmoud, who was killed in the terrible savage attack by israel and we get incredibly dumb questions like the one you just played from the woman -- >> bill: nbc. right. >> but i don't think this is a media problem so much as it's a general liberal problem. you ran that cnn poll. let me break that down a little. the cnn poll said that 74% of republicans think that what israel is doing is justified. 59% of independents think it's justified. but only 40% of democrats think it. they can't even get a majority of democrats in this country to think that israel's response is justified. why is that? because there are a bunch of liberals and liberals generally don't like israel. a lot of liberals don't, anyway. >> bill: it's true. i don't know really why it's tied into some kind of -- i don't know. i'm not even going to speculate. sanderson cooper got into general when he did one of those uncle ma mood stories and told he was a phony. s
of that film? brown again, train robber. shootest, the cowboys. what was the name of the last film? cards up, please. come on, doocy. role the tape, please. throw me the wallet. >> yes, sir, a little something extra. >> you have a long winter belly ache you boob. [ laughter ] >> bill: that was a great film. thewas the little kid in film that followed wayne around? ron howard.ou >> opie? >> opie? >> bill: that's right. opie. you don't even know what the movie is about. maccallum one to go. john wayne was considered for the role in a 1970s action film it was ultimately decided he was too old for the part. the movie went on to be successful. what movie was it? the answer is roll the tape. >> i know what you are thinking. did he fire six shots or only five? tell yoube the shoot truth in all this excitement i lost track myself. being 44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world would blow your head clean off, you have got to ask question, do i feel luck? well, do you? ienk? >> bill: i'm glad he didn't get the role because the movie would have been named dirty marion. ], you >> thank yo
.o.p.'s problem? moderates like scott brown and charlie summers just lost their senate races in massachusetts and maine. both blue states. would their type of republic have won in conservative red states? of course not. until more liberal republicans start winning their races, why should they dictate the terms of a new g.o.p. agenda? yes, republics, of course they need to attract more single women and latinos. but pandering isn't the answer. good policy and good politics is. i don't think it's any harder to convince more hispanics or more single women irish catholics eye tannial immigrants new deal or jfk democrats become conservatives during the reagan area. if you believe like i do that social economic poes are the best hope for the nation. then aban dogging your positions to become more popular is a path to complete irrelevant. did barack obama moderate his views after the 2010 mid terms? did he roll back parts of obama care? did he stop green energy subsidies? >> he aggressively pursued his ayen da with executive order and smart mess sacking and he won re-election. and that's the memo. no
decade, 2 million americans peaced out. >> bill: they will have more than that. they passed brown gets the wealth tax and wealth tax is coming in california. >> it's coming and still doesn't close the budget deficit. >> bill: but, juan, when mary katharine says look this social experiment has not worked ran up $167 billion in debt hasn't really worked. i think that's true. it hasn't worked in california. so why are we continuing it on the national level? i'm just trying to let the folks know what the alternatives are in the country there are two stark alternatives, taxes in california, 1, 2 in population, couldn't be more opposite. all right, couldn't be more opposite. >> could i challenge a premise for just a second? >> bill: sure, go ahead. >> if you look at texas. in fact, they have been running a deficit. they have relied more on federal stimulus money to take care of their debt than any other state in the country. >> bill: they owe 40 billion, juan. >> looking for a bailout. >> bill: when willie nelson dies and least his estate 40 billion with all the medicinal marijuana on the ra
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)